I’m a Loser Gurl

Loser Gurl.

That’s me.  BUT, I am also so much more than what you see.  This is what I see.

This is my stomach.  It is maybe NOT what all people think is perfect, but I think it’s still beautiful.  Why does beauty have to be ONE thing?

I’m not really skinny, I don’t have a flat stomach. I gained weight when I was little because I had Hashimoto’s Disease and Graves Disease,  which affected my metabolism and ability to lose weight.  I had to go to the doctors every week and get blood taken, and take medicine. It was a real problem with my thyroid.  That’s why I’m not skinny.

Don’t people think I WANT to be skinny?  That I wouldn’t like to have a flat stomach, perfect butt and nice boobs?  Don’t people think I hate going in the dressing room and not having things fit?   I’m not a size zero. I’m not even a size 6. I’m way bigger than that.

I am also so much more than my size.

I’ve been teased about my weight since I was in second grade.  I learned to ignore it but it still bothers me.  I’m aware I’m fat. When people tease me for being fat, I think “why do you care, you don’t have to live inside my body?”

It’s MY life.  I’m plus size.  That doesn’t make me mean, sad, lazy, piggy, or dirty.  It makes me a teenager who is just not small.  It means I’m a lot like most 13 year old girls.   I like to laugh, to smile, to chat with my friends, to take photos, to listen to music. I’m also a cheerleader.  I love to sing.  I know that I need to lose weight, not to make anyone else happy, but because I know that it’s not healthy for my body to carry this extra weight.  And I will, but not to make other people happy, but to make ME happy. It won’t be easy, but I’ll do it for myself.

I hope that others can read my blog, especially other overweight girls, or girls who feel different, and can realize that  just because  you’re not the same as everyone else, you can still be great!   Whenever you are yourself, you’re terrific. Be your own version of terrific. Be YOURSELF.


10 Responses to I’m a Loser Gurl

  1. Jenn Lee says:

    Your a smart beautiful girl~ all teenagers should be inspired by you <3

  2. Mia says:

    You are incredibly brave and self-aware to have written this! Kudos to you young lady :)

  3. DAWN SPRAGUE says:


  4. Lisa Kam says:

    Ally you have a very mature outlook on life. You are wise beyond your years and I’m certain this is in part a result of the wonderful job your parents have done raising you. Yes, you ARE beautiful, inside AND out!!! xx

  5. What an inspiration you are! Keep it up – the world needs more girls like you. :)

  6. Angie says:

    Ally, I see you in school all the time, i’ve noticed the guys NOT make fun of you, but there are still pricks tht do. But the guy who dont make fun of you still make fun of me and other chubby girls. I dnt mean to be mean, but im kinda ticked off tht they make fun of girls still… Its messed up. But I still look up to u, ur a beautiful, gorgeous, intelligent, courageous girl. I wanna.be more like you, you are one of my idols. <3 I love you. <3

  7. Savannah. says:

    Okay, Ally. There is so much good inside of you it kills me. This is just so…REAL, and true. You’re one of the very few people I know that stays true to herself and doesn’t change because of what other people think of her. I’ve changed for people, and I can’t tell you how much I regret it. I honestly say kudos to you for being real and amazing<3

  8. Would love to have someone like you in my life when I was younger

  9. Would love to have someone like you in my life when I was younger

  10. Gabyrella says:

    I know how you feel. I am bullied everyday about my weight.I want to help stop bullying.

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