That Time I Didn’t Meet Demi Lovato

Last week,  Demi Lovato played a concert in New York City. as part of the Summer Concert Series for Good Morning America.  I really, REALLY wanted to interview her for my blog. I wrote to everyone a lot of people at GMA asking them to help me  get just a few minutes with her so I could  tell her my story and tell her how inspiring she is and how she helped save my life.  In the darkest moments, when I wanted to die, sometimes singing her songs were what kept me going for just one more night.   I thought that if I met her, it would be amazing and I’d be able to share with her my plans on stopping bullying.

How if everyone would just #BeBrave, bullying would end.


I didn’t get to meet Demi. I never got to share with her how she helped me Stay Strong or tell her my story.  I was disappointed, but then something amazing happened.   I made hundreds of new friends camped out in Central Park waiting for a chance to hear Demi perform.  I got there about  1:30 am, and was about 200th in line.  Standing in that line,  I started talking to people, and we started sharing stories.


The stories they shared are not mine to tell, but what I can tell you is  that we all had something in common.  We all were, at some point, lost, and needing to find strength and hope.  We shared a certain kind of frailness, yet extreme strength, that comes with  being broken and then put back together.  We were not only together to hear our hero Demi sing, but also to celebrate: We WERE strong and we made it through! We were ALL Warriors.

We are our own heroes.


I thought that meeting Demi is what was important. I was wrong.  The people I met were the most important.  The stories we shared were important. What I found was even more important: community.  I think I got a lot more out sitting on a sidewalk in Central Park, huddled together with new friends, avoiding the stinky port-a-john, laughing and singing, sharing strength and hope and bravery.  So, Amanda, Paige, Roberta, Nicole, Jenn, Sam, Alana, and everyone else who sat in line to see our hero,  what we really did is reinforce:


We can all, together and separately, share what we have with others who need it. The simplest way is to #BeBrave and stand up for ourselves and others, and for what we know: Bullying is wrong, depression is real, self-harm happens, but hope is there and we can ALL make it through.     IT GETS BETTER.

By the way, the concert was amazing and I was happy to see Demi (and was surprised by Cher Lloyd and Nicki Minaj ) but I left inspired and motivated by the people  I sat up all night with, waiting in line and sharing hope, strength and love.

Who inspires YOU?

Remember: #BeBrave: Stand up FOR the bullied, TO the bullies, and FOR yourself. If we ALL are brave, bullying will end.


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  1. Jennifer Dane says:

    Hi Ally,
    I like your question of “Who inspires you?” After reading your blog and an article on a Disney page, I have to say you inspire me! For all you have gone through, you are one strong, beautiful young lady. I wish I had, had everything you possess at your age. Just like you I was bullied by kids at school and my sister. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I was diagnosed with depression and 10 years of therapy later did I understand why and was able to put my two feet back underneath me. I think this blog that you have created is a great idea and I hope that many kids will find the strength and inspiration from you to keep going on. Your video even made my eyes get very moist, which doesn’t happen very often! I should tell you that I stumbled across your video and blog as I should be writing a paper right now and that my assignment for tonight is to critique one video, one blog, and one podcast on the subject for my final paper that is due in 3 weeks. You guessed it, my paper is on Teenage Suicide and Depression. Must run and do my assignment, but I wish you the best of luck in your future as I know you will obtain your goals!
    Jennifer Dane

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